Принц Гарри готовит для себя и Меган Маркл семейное гнездо во дворце
Megan will become a neighbor of the Duchess Catherine and her husband.

Принц Гарри готовит для себя и Меган Маркл семейное гнездо во дворце

Prince Harry


Prince Harry is seriously interested in the repair and
refurbishment of apartments at Kensington Palace. The fact is that already
this fall, he plans to settle here on a permanent basis together with his
girlfriend Meghan Markle.

Unlike Prince William and his wife Duchess
Catherine, whom the Queen had allocated the apartments in the main building Kensington
the Palace, the younger brother of William, until recently, lived in Nottingham Cottage, a separate building,
located on the territory of the Palace complex. But now that Harry got
a constant friend, which, it is claimed, he is going before this
summer to make a formal offer, the Prince decided to move to the main
the Palace and back to settle next to his brother.

At present, repair the future of housing is in full
swing, and Harry following closely his progress, making your
adjustments. However, as argue, the Prince is very worried, as if the work is not
was delayed and did not violate his plans to move and start life together with Markle. What
as for Megan, before to move to the UK, she still
to finish filming the seventh season of “Force majeure”
Canada. As assured girlfriend Markle, she has already decided not to participate in
in later seasons, so nothing will prevent her moving in with Harry.

Recall that the Prince and Megan started Dating only 8
months ago, but this time their romance has progressed far. Harry
met her parents, and she’s with William and Catherine. Often coming to
Harry in London, Markle stops in his cottage on the Palace grounds, where
they have a joint household, as
married couple. The Prince has already managed to introduce a friend to your friends. A couple of weeks
ago, he appeared with Megan as their official date
the Grand event — the wedding of friend Harry Tom Inskeep and Lara Hughes-young,
daughter of the Lord.

Prince Harry with his girlfriend Meghan Markle