Мария Кожевникова обеспокоена тем, что едят ее дети
The actress is thinking about buying new appliances.

Maria Kozhevnikova with the eldest son Ivan

Maria Kozhevnikova is bothered by the fact that we eat her children and
beloved husband. As an actress, her sons love the bread. When this star
sure good bread in the store in the afternoon with fire not find. Kozhevnikova
says that it is not only substandard, in its opinion, wheat, but in
that at the factory when creating bread uses a lot of harmful
chemical additives.

“While my family is not ready to give up bread, says
Kozhevnikova. — Judging by this photo, my oldest son even his strength is not
to take away! Of course, in limited quantities, but we use and love, as
said our forefathers, “the gift of God.” So a few days I
enriching yourself with knowledge about the production of bread, studied the information about all the bad things that
now there is added — and as a result decided to buy a breadmaker. First, to
to know and be sure that I give the children, and secondly, to fill the house with this
delicious flavor with the morning.”

The actress appealed to fans with a request to advise her
a good bread maker and said that will tell you about the benefits
the selected model on the page in a social network.