Принц Гарри о Камилле Паркер-Боулз: «Она не злобная мачеха» Prince Harry decided to clarify the rumors prevailing around his relationship with his wife’s father. According to the representative of the Royal family, he and his brother have always been in a wonderful relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles.
Принц Гарри о Камилле Паркер-Боулз: «Она не злобная мачеха»

Affair of Prince Charles with Camilla Parker-Bowles has become a real byword. They were together before the marriage of the future king with Diana Spencer, and it is because of the passion to married Camilla, Charles had divorced his wife.

After the long awaited wedding of longtime lovers in 2005, there were rumors that all the other members of the Royal family literally hate Camille. The speculation decided to dispel Prince Harry, who recently gave a Frank interview to the journalist preparing to release his biography.

“To be honest, William was always with her in a very good, close relationship. She’s no wicked stepmother. Consider the situation in which she found herself. No need to pity me or William, it is better to show compassion to her,” said Harry.
Принц Гарри о Камилле Паркер-Боулз: «Она не злобная мачеха»

By the way, the sons have initiated the resurrection of the father’s relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Harry admitted that the Pope was very upset by the persecution which he faced after the tragic death of Princess Diana. His secret lover and did a couple of years did not attend social events.

As a result, in 1999, William organized a tea party at which invited Camille and then her affair with Charles was renewed.

Unlike his grandmother, the brothers attended the wedding of the Prince and his longtime girlfriend. In an interview, Harry confessed that only the near Camilla, his dad managed to find long-awaited happiness.

“She is an amazing woman, and she made my father very happy, and this is most important for us. William and I love her so much, as you can’t even imagine,” — said the younger son of Prince Charles.

Thus, Harry dispelled one of the most popular myths, because many Britons still believe in a secret hatred of the brothers against the stepmother. Was Charles quite a long time was afraid to inform his sons about the emerging of the wedding as Camille in the press was referred to as a home wrecker. Moreover, many blamed her for the tragic fate of Princess Diana.

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But the brothers reacted positively to the news of the imminent marriage of his father. Now Harry and William are in a wonderful relationship with the father and Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Fans of the Duke of Sussex was surprised at his revelations. Now they have more to look forward to the release of his autobiography Harry: Conversations with the Prince, which should shed light on the many secrets hidden behind the doors of Kensington Palace. Yet, on the site express.co.uk was published only excerpts from it.