Влад Лисовец серьезно пострадал из-за девушки A harmless walk in the capital was for the stylist to really extreme. Vlad Lisovets, rolling on the scooter, fell awkwardly and hurt his chin. The injury was so serious that Lisovets was in the research Institute. Sklifosofsky.
Влад Лисовец серьезно пострадал из-за девушки

Famous stylist Vlad Lisovets didn’t expect a simple walk in the center of Moscow will turn to him hospitalization. Vlad and his girlfriend decided to take a ride on the scooter. While riding Lisovets was distracted by the girl in the end did not notice a bump, hit it and fell, damaging the lower part of the face, toe and hand.

Lisovets did not expect that everything will be much more serious than he thought. Some time later he was taken to the research Institute. Sklifosovsky, where Vlad stitched the wound.

“I turned back to see not far behind. One hand turned the wheel to the left, and all — the stylist shared the details of what happened with “StarHit”. — For a split second, and I lie beautifully on the asphalt”.
Влад Лисовец серьезно пострадал из-за девушки

Lisovets noted that he had fallen hard, but had time to regroup, maybe that’s why he managed to avoid more serious injuries. At first, Vlad didn’t want to go to the hospital, but his companion, seeing the wound decided that hospitalization is not necessary. The Lisovets made the head, hands, to exclude the presence of fractures.

For some time the stylist will do the dressing, and eating have to go out with a plaster on his chin. Vlad decided to make this fashionable piece and have already managed to decorate the plasters with the words “style”, “freedom”. Moreover, Lisovets a sense of humor came to the situation described in “Instagram” adventure associated with falling, in a positive way: “of Course, I found out no flowers, music, and cakes laid on the couch, chin stitched up. Now not to say that I have no circular facelift. Help is sewed!”.

It turned out that Vlad gave her friend a scooter, as I was sure on it to move more fun. In connection with the recent events Lisovets will forget for a while about skating. No, he’s not afraid to fall again. The fact that the scooter was so badly damaged that he needed serious repair. Fans of the Vlad I wish him a speedy recovery, and he, in turn, sincerely thank them for their support.

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“Thank you all for the positive comments, and then, in the ribbon, and in direct, and for your support. I am very pleased that you are not just watching me, but also turns out to be inspired,” said Lisovets in the social network.