Принц Гарри боится королеву Елизавету?

In a new documentary about the Queen, Prince Harry spoke to the staff of Buckingham Palace where the Queen lives. What he said led the public to confusion.

“You guys spent a lot more time than I have in my life, although there are only two weeks. You haven’t stumbled upon the Queen? If you suddenly bump into her in the hallway, don’t panic. I know you will. We are always nervous,” admitted the Prince. Turns out he’s also like a nervous before meeting the Queen. But he has a great relationship with her grandmother and, apparently, a great sense of humor!

Harry then fear nothing, but his wife Megan — is that. She’s nervous as he was, but not showing it rests on top. Recall, when traveling to Cheshire with the Queen Elizabeth II, it looked great, laughing, talking with Elizabeth.

“Harry’s the best husband in the world,” said Megan.

61-year-old Sharon Briscoe, who was present at the event, talked to the Duchess and shared his impressions with the media. “Megan looked just perfect. In fact, I was just struck by how beautiful she is in reality. I asked her about her married life, and she said that everything is great. I also told her that she looked beautiful at the wedding and that they and Harry are made for each other, she was touched and thanked me: “Thank you, your words mean a lot to us,” said Sharon.

The photos from the event Megan and the Queen is clearly in good health, because smiling and laughing. For this meeting, Elizabeth II gave Meghan Markle my earrings, and they are well suited to creamy Megan dress from Givenchy.