Принц Джордж стал героем новой сказки о Винни-Пухе

The son of Kate Middleton and Prince William, Prince George appeared in a new book “Winnie-the-Pooh and the Royal birthday.

In 2016, the anniversary is celebrating not only Queen Elizabeth II (Queen Elizabeth II), but also a famous book about Winnie the Pooh — first edition of the tales turned 90 years old. These two significant events reflected in the book “Winnie-the-Pooh and the Royal birthday”.

The author of the continuation of the tale of Alan Milne (A. A. Milne) was the writer Jane Riordan (Jane Riordan). In the story Winnie-the-Pooh, Pyatochok, Eeyore and Christopher Robin travel to London to congratulate the ruler of great Britain happy birthday.

Illustrations for the book was done by Marc Burgess of Marc Burgess), which in 2009 was illustrated by another tale about Winnie the Pooh, “Return to the enchanted forest.” In a new story on his illustrations will appear on the Queen, which is easily recognizable by a bright pink coat and little Prince George (Prince George), on which the story relates: “a Boy much younger than Christopher Robin, and almost as bouncy as Tigger”. George is wearing a blue cardigan and shorts, which he was to discharge from hospital his sister Princess Charlotte (Princess Charlotte).

In 1926 Alan Milne has released a collection of songs of Winnie the Pooh “Teddy Bear and other songs”, dedicated to the newborn Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen.

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