Victoria Ranevskaya took part in the filming of the series “Real boys”

Виктория Ланевская приняла участие в съемках сериала «Реальные пацаны»
In mid-may on the TNT channel launched a new season of the rating of the series “Real boys” in which the actress Victoria Ranevskaya performed a vibrant charismatic role of a dentist who treated the main character Nikolai Naumov, in common – Kohl.

Виктория Ланевская приняла участие в съемках сериала «Реальные пацаны»

“Shooting our series took place at the end of December, for the role I was selected after a big casting. The memorable days of the shoot? The professionalism of the team! For someone it may seem a trivial response, but in our environment it’s not often you meet a punctual and responsible people, of course they are, but delays on the set is normal, then it was different. Creative young guys, fresh ideas – Yes, we had a script, but we could improvise and bring in the image of the character something of their own. Especially pleased working with Directors: Jeanne kadnikova and Nikolay Burlak ( finalist of the project “Factory of Stars”, host of “Sex With Anfisa Chekhova”), friendly and light atmosphere on the set is well worth it! From working with Nick I still have only good impression, and so many questions poured in my social networks after our episode in the car…”

laughing told Victoria Ranevskaya.

Виктория Ланевская приняла участие в съемках сериала «Реальные пацаны»

In General, see the series “On the Verge” and all will see. Today Victoria Ranevskaya preparing to release new songs for his first musical album, the girl graduated from TI them. Shchukin and successfully combines a career singer and actress, starring in new film projects, and whether there will be a sexy dentist in new episodes of “Real Boys” on TNT, only time will tell.

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