Prince Charles says Kate Middleton upstart

Принц Чарльз считает Кейт Миддлтон выскочкой

Kate Middleton is loved by millions for many it serves as an example to follow. But near it there is a man who treats her negatively. It turned out that father-in-law the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Charles, said it was a very unpleasant person.

Close to the Royal family say that at the first meeting with Middleton, Charles immediately took a dislike to her and remains true to his opinion until now.

“Initially Kate didn’t like Charles: he considered her an upstart who wanted to be photographed with the boyfriend, then fiance and husband William, in order to be remembered and loved. Prince Charles still don’t like that Kate and William pose for photographers for a long time”, — stated in the book-biography “Prince Charles: the passion and the incredible paradoxes of life”, which has caused a lot of noise.

Earlier in the press already appeared excerpts from the aforementioned book, where he talked about that the night before the wedding to Diana Spencer Charles was in tears, because I didn’t want to marry an unloved woman.

“All night on the eve of marriage Charles cried in his room because he thought that his life was over. He was not ready to be a husband. Besides still had feelings for Camilla”, — writes the author of the book, Bedell Smith.