Presnyakov will perform at Barvikha Luxury Village instead of Valery Meladze The artist tried to keep his job, but something went wrong.

Instead of Valery Meladze at Barvikha Luxury Village No matter how hard Valery Meladze tried, he could not sit on two chairs. At a concert in Dubai, his mask showed up in full force and away we go. A pitiful excuse, about the fact that “I'm an artist and lick everyone” did not convince anyone. Valera's concerts fell down, they began to be canceled one after another.

Instead of Valery Meladze in &laquo ;Barvikha Luxury Village» Presnyakov will perform

It is especially insulting – the cancellation of the performance on March 8 in the concert hall for the rich “Barvikha Luxury Village”. Meladze performed there every year, and the cost of one ticket reached 70 thousand rubles. Almost all tickets for the upcoming concert have already been sold out, but now the organizers have announced that the event will still take place, only without Meladze. Instead, guests will be entertained by Vladimir Presnyakov. Wow!

Volodya was lucky, because the cost of tickets will remain the same. Another thing is whether the wives of millionaires want to drink champagne to his singing, because they tuned in to Valera. Read more: 1 2 next. →

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