Presnyakov and Podolskaya put 2-year-old son on skis

Пресняков и Подольская поставили 2-летнего сына на горные лыжи
Artemiy takes private lessons in an extreme sport.

Photo: Instagram

Not easy lessons to ski the son of Natalia Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov-younger. 2-year-old Artem, the second day is with a personal trainer at a ski resort, I have learned how to stand on skis and ride in a straight line. The next step is to learn to slow down. This art kids are taught with special care.

It is difficult, but very interesting. And it would be nice if the classes did not want to be Natalia. Seeing the mother, whenever possible, the Theme runs to her, crying and asking for pens.

Skier Theme . Day 2. Mom is nearby and a very good reason. Moms can’t be in the field of view in the classroom these kids. If mom only lucky . Limp. Bolted. Limp I… can still before him?? Sitting sad. But the Theme of my hero??

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“The second day. Mama’s here and that’s a mistake, says Podolsky. — Moms can’t be in the field of view in the classroom these kids. If mom only “yucky”. Limp. Bolted. Limp I am… Maybe, after all, before him? Sitting sad. But the Theme is my hero!»

Actually, Artemia everything turns out fine. He even sports a little. Twice a week in Moscow, he goes to the swimming pool, perfectly floats and floats.

These are the First Steps on skis Temko !I dreamed about it!!!

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But parents still believe that in the future the sport will only be his hobby. And the profession will be connected with music. But how else? Still, this is already the third generation of musicians in the family! He had a great interest in musical instruments, trying to play, and even sings into the microphone. Besides his birth, there is no fear of a scene: for example, during the festival, Lima Vajkule in Jurmala Artemy boldly climbed up there during my father’s rehearsals. Standing on the legendary stage of the hall Dzintari, Artemiy did not confused. This all suggests that seem in the future can become a worthy replacement for his famous father and grandfather.