Premiere of the first sequel to Avatar will be delayed again

Премьера первого сиквела «Аватара» будет снова отложена
The Director admitted that he had not started filming!

Премьера первого сиквела «Аватара» будет снова отложена

James Cameron and Sigourney weaver


Work on the phenomenally successful sequels of movie “Avatar”, which was released
in theaters in 2009 and grossed about $ 3 billion, all
delayed and delayed. Originally, it was announced that the first of
four films, conceived by Director James Cameron, had to go on
screens in 2016. Later the premiere was postponed until 2018. Then Cameron
vowed that audiences will see a new movie at least in 2020. But now this date
was called into question. Although Cameron,
as it may seem, there is still plenty of time to actually fit in
schedule him now would be almost impossible. After all, the Director explained, at the time,
he will remove all four of the sequel at a time, and at the same time.

According to the Director, he haven’t even started the main filming. Yet
work on the project is at the stage of technical testing. “We had
a tremendous amount of testing. And even rehearsed in a small tank
a complex scene under water. It was not easy: it involves 6 teenagers and one
7-year-old child. And all they needed to learn hold breath for long time under
water — two to four minutes. We have achieved the desired result, but
the preparation of one only this episode took six months. But now, in January, we
can start the principal filming this scene — this time in the large tank…” — explained the Director. All other
tests Cameron, as he told, too, expects to complete until January.

In addition, as told by the Director, the film crew had to spend
a lot of time to solve technical tasks, the main of which was
mastering shooting “motion capture”
under water, with which it was necessary “to turn” live actors in them
painted “clones” – that is, the inhabitants of the planet “Pandora”.

However, Cameron himself, despite everything, optimistic. It sure
I can bring the plans they a tremendous amount of work to finish. And then
the audience will finally see a new movie featuring such stars as Sigourney weaver, Kate Winslet, Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington …

“Avatar” 2009

Photo: Outnow