Беременная жена подаёт в суд на Казаченко

Olga Kazachenko strikes back. The pregnant wife of singer Vadim Kazachenko filed for him in court, demanding to support him and the unborn child, which he denies. As reported by Olga herself, the husband not only agreed to admit the baby is his, he also kicked her out of the house and forces abortion. Overbearing Vadim led her to a nervous breakdown.

Madame Kozachenko came to the program Andrei Malakhov and openly talked about how she got the husband. Hall calculated that for the normal existence, it required a hundred thousand roubles in a month, but knowing about the financial crisis Vadim, I agree on half of that amount.
He Kazachenko has also estimated that in two years of marriage, the wife cost him four million rubles, and now he wants to get back the invested money into it. Meanwhile his real wife Vadim believes Irina Amanti, his Manager, but the marriage with Olga, the singer called “guest”.