Беременная Рита Дакота оправдалась за будущего ребенка Singer and composer clarified the speculation of fans who assumed that she will soon become the mother of a charming boy. Rita Dakota has stated that over time will reveal the gender of your baby. At the moment celebrity prefer to keep that detail secret.
Беременная Рита Дакота оправдалась за будущего ребенка

Singer and composer Rita Dakota is preparing for a joyful event. Soon, the singer will become a mother for the first time. In anticipation of the appearance of the baby celebrity shares on social networks publications, which tells about the everyday life of the pregnant woman. Recently Rita admitted that her baby already has a little attitude. According to Dakota, he grows very brisk and active.

Беременная Рита Дакота оправдалась за будущего ребенка“Our cat Sam first got his kicked by the baby. Stretched, then the cat like this along the belly between us under the covers and snores night. And then traditionally arrives in the morning cheerful I like this hook from Bochin baby, and Sammy in shock with a shriek flies up to the ceiling and doesn’t understand, what happened. (…) We have there is definitely a future dancer, Vlad,” said the artist.

Many followers Rita suggested that she expected a male child. They decided that Dakota said, calling the unborn baby “dancer”. In this regard, fans of the young women began to congratulate her with the advent of the boy.

After reviewing the reaction of the followers, the star chose to bring clarity to the situation. Dakota said that will reveal the sex of the baby, but later. According to Rita, she wouldn’t accidentally make a mistake and reveal, talking about a future child.

“Dancer (exactly like beautician like hair stylist or engineer) – it’s about belonging to a profession, not about gender. It so happens that a dancer because… baby, baby. I’m really flattered that you are so interested in the sex of the baby that you are trying to catch every word, every formulation, but we are very careful and cunning nerds,” said Dakota.

In his publication, the singer also spoke about different interpretations of followers. Some members are wondering who is born to Rita and her husband Vlad the shape of the abdomen, and other “distinctive”, in their opinion, characteristics. “Oh, Bock had and cheeks, said that the first ultrasound was wrong with Paul, then just a girl” – quoted Dakota review subscribers will. The singer-songwriter hinted that he sees no point in such speculation.

“Come on, kittens. We will tell, really tell, just a little later, there are reasons for that,” said Rita.

We will add that earlier the celebrity has shared impressions of ultrasound procedures. Young woman admitted that she was very exciting to meet with the future baby. “I think the wedding is the happiest moments of your life, until suddenly weak pink stripe doesn’t show up on the test next to the first,” noted Dakota.