Алика Смехова судится с соседом из-за испорченной квартиры The actress tried to settle the matter peacefully, but, apparently, the conflict cannot be avoided. “StarHit” figured out how to Alika Smekhova got in trouble and why people living near it refuses to just accept the money for the repairs.

The star of the series “Balzac age, or All men are bast…” got a flood in your own home. A woman has sued for a large sum of money.

“I alikay several years living in the same apartment block, said the “StarHit” Alexander Tulupov, the injured neighbor. – Never really talked, occasionally said Hello when we met. Recently come home, and I have all the ceilings and walls in divorce, around the water… just realized something the artist is broke. Run to her, knock on the door, and I open strangers in wet clothes. Turns out she was just undergoing renovations: do not keep the water fountain from the plumbing went. With the leak figured out pretty quickly, but the damage remains evident.

I have a very old apartment, so I quickly bulging floors, suffered almost all the furniture, Wallpaper hanging pieces. After a few hours called experts who estimated the damage at 140 thousand rubles. All recorded in the photos in case you think that you’re lying”.

Recently a man filed a lawsuit in one of the capital ships. This is despite the fact that Smekhova offered him help.

“Alec now spends a lot of time in the theater, her constant rehearsals, – says Ivan, a close friend of the actress. – When I heard about that flooded a neighbor, was very upset, scared. Said, “No problem! Come on, I’ll pay for everything!” However, Alexander has already applied to court. I think he’s just planning to cash in on the name of the actress. In fact, there damage is even less than Tulupov said. I’m sure Alec won’t give that to her. She turned to the lawyer Alexander Karabanov who tries to challenge the claim is made”.