Беременная Катя Гордон серьезно больна

Singer Katya Gordon has shared with fans the bad things that have happened in her life. The pregnant star revealed that seriously ill. Gordon admitted that because of their levity now she has to suffer – Kate not recovered pneumonia, which is now again made itself felt.

“These days, I confess, are the formation. Not recovered pneumonia – escaped from the hospital — and you wrote Kate in the microblog. – But from any ailments relieves kind word and good deed. Yesterday I cried a couple times reading your comments for the song, to tears, to chills, repeated dozens of times… When you open the soul, and this song and video is disclosed, cut with a scalpel and the soul, there is a risk that the soul will spit… And this should be ready any artist… You are my soul stroked, embraced, understood… And therefore THANKS to this very soul.”

The second part of the post Kati dedicated her new song called “Son” which she recently presented to the fans.

As Gordon says, this song was written to help all pregnant women to cope with circumstances when they were alone.

Note that for the singer, this theme is very close, as she was in a similar situation. Now she is raising four sons Daniel and will soon become the mother of another child.