Tom Ford was accused of bribing members of the jury of the “Golden globe”

Тома Форда обвинили в подкупе членов жюри «Золотого глобуса»

Tom Ford is not only talented designer but also a talented Director, creating an incredibly slim and beautiful in their design pattern. This year Ford has presented its second film, called “Under cover of night”.

The picture are able to evaluate guests of the Venice film festival, where he received the “Golden lion”. Now your luck creation is Tom Ford’s take on the ceremony “Golden globe”.

“Under cover of night” was nominated in three categories: best Director, best screenplay and best supporting actor (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). But his award-winning film may not be obtained. And it has nothing to do with its competitors. The fact that Tom was accused of bribing judges of the “Golden globe”, because there is a risk that it will exclude from the pool of nominees.

The fact that Ford decided to thank the members of the jury that they paid attention to his work and sent them expensive gifts in the form of selective perfumes of the brand. It turned out that it was two flavors – male and female, each of which costs several hundred dollars. The maximum value of gifts to the jury must be 95 dollars.

Reference: Major and minor role in the Thriller “Under cover of night” performed by Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Jones, Isla Fisher, star of films “the Social network” and “Agents of A. N. To.L.” Armie hammer, Laura Linney and Kim Basinger.

In the film, Adams will perform the main female role – the role of a woman named Susan, who receives from the former husband’s manuscript of his not yet released novel. Hammer will embody on the screen the image of the husband.

The narrative is divided into two parts: one describes the life of the heroine, and the secrets of her past and memories of a dysfunctional marriage, and the other reveals the events of the manuscript, the plot of which revolves around a man whose family vacation turns into a bloody outcome.

The Russian premiere to be held in December this year.