Беременная Нюша уходит со сцены Very soon, the first time the singer will become a mother for this reason, Nyusha decided to keep touring. According to the artist, she’s already chosen a hospital where you will be born her baby.
Беременная Нюша уходит со сцены

It is only a matter of weeks before the moment that Jane first becoming a mother. On the eve of the cherished events of 27-year-old singer decided to take a career break and go on maternity leave. Pregnant wife supported her husband, 38-year-old adviser to the President of the International University sports Federation Igor Sivov.

Pair long time hid the interesting position of the actress, trying not to draw attention to the upcoming addition to their family. However, soon the secret was so obvious that she Nyusha proudly admitted she is expecting first child.

“Today I realized that coming serious break, not a creative, but touring. Indeed, for the first time in these ten years I have to take a little break. It is very exciting,” shared Nyusha subscribers.
Беременная Нюша уходит со сцены

Now she does everything to become a great mother to your baby. It has already changed my attitude to work – began to afford more sleep, reduced exercise and activity. The artist admitted that he tries not to sulk and unlike many pregnant women are not forced her husband to fulfill her every whim. Although Sivova has experience in similar situations – from his first marriage he has two sons.

Nyusha carefully watching their health and even had to spend some time on conservation. The couple have already chosen the hospital in which the light will be their first child. True, the service will cost them a pretty penny, but it is not so ruinous for the artist working on the scene more than 10 years.

“For the VIP-clients there is a separate entrance. Nyusha already signed a contract for the management of pregnancy and childbirth cost one million rubles. Now she is observed by the best obstetricians of the hospital. Also the package includes meals, unlimited consultations, surveys. Within a few days after birth Nyusha with the baby will be in separate comfortable chamber,” said “StarHit” surrounded by couples.

Nyusha became known after winning the TV contest “STS lights superstar” in 2007. After that, the artist gradually began to conquer the audience, releasing albums and shooting videos. And today the singer is one of the most popular on the Russian stage.