Pregnant girlfriend Cristiano Ronaldo showed much the grown tummy

Беременная подруга Криштиану Роналду показала заметно подросший животик
Georgina Rodriguez will soon make happy footballer’s fourth child.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez with children

Photo: @georginagio/Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo does not hide how happy he is: this year he became a father of twins. And soon his 22-year-old girlfriend
Georgina Rodriguez, beremennosti which became known in July, would give him another child. Until recently the future
mommy Georgina did not seek to demonstrate changes in shape, modestly
covering your tummy during the photo sessions.
But the other day she had first dared to show itself in all its glory.

snapshot umilissima fans of Ronaldo, Rodriguez posed in black sport
the leggings and shirt with long sleeves. Happy Georgina is holding
tiny Matteo — one of the twins Cristiano.
Perched next to the eldest son of the football player seven —year-old Cristiano Jr., looks at
this, quite happy. No less he shines and Ronaldo, who gently
cuddle eve, twin sister of Matteo. “I just don’t have words to explain how I love them all!” — signed Rodriguez this photo.

Recall that the eldest son, and twins Matteo and Eva, born in June of this year, carried
for Cristiano surrogate mother. And after the kids appeared on
light, Ronaldo admitted he is not going to stop there. As
said the player, he wants four more kids. So Ronaldo is going to bring
the total expense of their children up to seven.