Беременная Бейонсе напугала фанатов рискованным трюком на церемонии вручения Grammy
The courage of the singer was rewarded.


Photo: freeze-frame the performance of Beyonce at the Grammys-2017

The performance of Beyonce at yesterday late in the evening
in Los Angeles the ceremony of the Grammy awards caused both delight and horror
fans of the singer. The pregnant singer appeared on stage in spectacular costume
allowed myself during the performance, very risky for a woman in her
position trick. A report about this show and the reaction of the spectators appeared on the
many websites, including mirror.co.uk.

In fact, shortly before the show many people doubted whether there will be a singer who has already reached quite a respectable time
pregnancy, for Grammy. After all, Beyonce does not have the habit to just stand on stage and sing – she’s always
dancing, and very vigorously. But in her situation it may be unsafe.
But the singer did not abolish the performance — she made a

35-year-old beyoncé tonight was brilliant – both literally
and in a figurative sense of the word. Her gilded dress was so shining that
it was painful to watch. No less brilliant was her intricate head
hat, both similar to nimbus with rays, and on the crown. Her room was excellent. However, in the climax of the speech, the audience gasped
horror and froze. The fact that the chair is set on a hill, on which
Beyonce sat down, suddenly began tilting back with her! And
after all, the singer had no insurance and she could lose balance
and fall… luckily, all went well. And the audience, including her husband Jay Z and daughter blue ivy, the singer was awarded with thunderous applause.

Beyonce did not remain without awards. She received one of the figurines, as the winner in the nomination “the Best
music video. And the second is in the category of Best urban contemporary album. And a triumpher of the ceremony was yesterday Adele awarded five Grammy. Also five awards organizers
the ceremony honored the memory of David Bowie, who died a year ago.