VIDEO: Dmitry Malikov congratulated my daughter with the 17th anniversary

ВИДЕО: Дмитрий Маликов поздравил дочку с 17-летием
The actor posted a touching request.

Daughter Dmitry Malikov — Stephanie today turned 17 years old. On the occasion of the birthday of the artist published in social networks photo collage of the two photos. First, apparently, was made when Stephanie was just a year old. Together with children’s photo Dmitry shared a touching message on address daughter.

Dmitry Malikov with daughter Stephanie

Photo: @Instagram dmitriy_malikov Dmitry Malikov

“Happy birthday,Steshenko!
An excerpt from a brilliant poem Brodsky..
Better not say more and not wish!
Let it be in the darkness
for you to burn
star tinsel
let there be hope
the palm of your hand to warm
by your fire.
Yes there are blizzards,
snow, rain
and raging roar of fire,
Yes there will be successes you have
more than I have.
Let it be powerful and beautiful
thundering in your chest.
I’m happy for those
which you may be
by the way… Be always happy!” — wrote Dmitry.

Meanwhile, this year Stephanie is waiting for high school graduation and University admission. Stephanie plans to go to study in MGIMO, the Department of journalism. To this decision she came once established in the Network as a blogger. Problems with the arrival of a daughter at the University Dmitry did not foresee. Stephania, though not a straight-a student, but studying hard. After all, Malikov from early childhood taught Stephanie to the fact that in order to succeed must work hard.