Беременность не радует Милу Кунис

The second pregnancy of Hollywood actress Mila kunis, though, and runs smoothly, but not happy with it as the first. This was told to journalists by the friends of the Hollywood couple – Sweet and her husband Ashton Kutcher.

Беременность не радует Милу Кунис
Fatigue and bezremontnoy Mila dictated by chores and life. Kunis and Kutcher has repeatedly admitted that they rarely use the help of grandparents-nanny and trying to carry as much time with their daughter Wyatt. They cook, clean, and educate the first-born.
“This pregnancy just not happy about Mila as the first. Mila became more emotional and the only thing that soothes her is the food. She understands that then it will be difficult to get rid of extra pounds, but still eats, but already blaming himself.

Mila says she already feels huge and clumsy, sometimes angry at myself for not keeping up with my little girl, can’t go with her pace. Ashton always very supportive of her. Mila – Queen of his heart, and he will do everything to make her feel good” — said the insider.

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