Беременность Ксении Собчак доказали итальянские папарацци

Pregnancy socialite and journalist Kseniya Sobchak, it seems, is a fact obvious.

New evidence that in a short time, Xenia and her husband Maxim Vitorgan will become parents, provided the paparazzi, who managed to make a few frames Sobchak in Rome, where she went for the birthday of a close friend of millionaire Boris Belotserkovsky and his wife Nicky.

Birthday Belonika (under the same name in social networks known friend Sobchak) decided to celebrate in a girly company and gathered her girlfriends in the picturesque Italian town of Portofino.

Беременность Ксении Собчак доказали итальянские папарацци

There Ksenia, Nika and the other guests decided to enjoy the boat for what they needed to go to the beach.

This walk and captured the Italian paparazzi, and then stated that Xenia is pregnant.

Sobchak dressed in a dress airy and less boxy jacket: loose clothing does not restrict the shape of the expectant mother and emphasizes her “interesting position”.

we will remind, last week friend wife Ksenia – Vitorgan, Jr. – spoke about the financial problems of the couple.

“Even before the football championship in France, where is she going with friends Maxim, I met with him and congratulated him on his wife’s pregnancy. Max thanked me, and then the conversation suddenly complained that it disturbs the financial issue,” said the informant.

As it turned out, the family now Vitorgan Sobchak is going through hard times, and all because of the newly acquired apartments, which were spent saving the pair. “They Ksenia a lot of money invested into a new apartment. As he put it, “we have a crisis”, referring to the material side,” added the source.


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