Выяснились новые факты о здоровье и ближайшей смерти Шер

The recent announcement of the cher that it urgently deals with issues of inheritance, because at the point of death, scared of her fans. In appearance, the singer’s not to say that she generally complains of feeling. The artist travels the world, resting, enjoying the natural beauty and color of the countries where it happens.

In may, cher celebrated her 70th anniversary. This date was the starting point, when the singer during his life decided to settle the property issues, so after her death, her relatives didn’t fight for the money.

It is known that sister Georgianna became the absolute mistress of the mansion worth $2 million in Malibu, and the four-bedroom house in Beverly hills, bought for the same amount two-and-a-half years ago, became the property of the youngest son Elijah blue Allman.

Fans tried to find a reason why cher so suddenly zasobiralsya to the light and came to the conclusion that the reason the disease, which the artist caught in the 80-ies.

For 30 years, cher is a carrier virus Epstein – Barr is a form of herpes, which over the years significantly reduced the immunity of the artist.

“It’s a physical illness is often accompanied by depression,” said the star. I’ve been sick for a long time. When I first told doctors in the US about their problems, they’d consider me insecure a dreamer, because I didn’t know about the existence of this disease. But the constant poor health and weakened immune system was not fantasy, for three years I could not work and made on a blank spot of pneumonia, which almost died! I had to go to the doctors in Germany, but the trouble is that even there they only treated the symptoms. The virus stays inside and sucks the life out of the patient’s life.”

Despite the fact that their feelings cher is already one foot in the grave, American doctors are confident that she will not soon go to the light. According to experts cher, as is typical for many of us, overly dramatic. With proper care and when you receive prescribed medication, Sher is able to live more than a dozen years.

By the way, how confident many relatives, the belief that she in a short time will die put in the head, cher and her friend Paulette Howell. Supposedly the woman intends to grab a share of the inheritance of the singer, because he tries it earlier to get used to the light.

“She washed the Sher brain,” said the informant. Singer bewitched, trusted friend unlimited. And that makes her drink strength tablets handfuls. Cher lives in a fog, she doesn’t even know what it takes.”

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