Potapov struck fans of unnatural thinness

Потап поразил поклонников неестественной худобой
The musician was forced to lose weight military girlfriend Nastya Kamensky.

Потап поразил поклонников неестественной худобой

Potap and Nastya Kamensky

Photo: @realpotap (Instagram Alexey Potapenko)

Fans Potap and Nastya Kamenskih in a few weeks
with affection was watched the musicians
took their health and together began to lose weight. More precisely, initiated by
Nastya: it is through proper diet and sport began to rapidly
to get rid of extra pounds.

Потап поразил поклонников неестественной худобой

Potap few months ago

Now the guys look so

Potap, who always had a sturdy figure, looking at
the results of the efforts of his combat friends, decided to get rid of the hated
pounds. However, the last appearance of a musician in the public has caused fans
shocked, he lost so that not all fans were able to see the photo in social
network his idol. In recognition of the farm for three months, he threw more than 20
pounds, partly because he refused to alcohol and played sports.
By the way, except that the artist does a daily morning run, he
is a soccer fanatic and he plays it.