Poor health Angelina Jolie undergo a serious test

Слабое здоровье Анджелины Джоли подвергнется серьезному испытанию
Hollywood actress decided on a desperate step.

Angelina Jolie

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Recently the film company “Disney” made a surprise, in light
latest events announcement: Angelina Jolie again
will delight his fans by appearing on screens in the image of the witch. Hollywood
the actress will play in the sequel to the acclaimed
paintings in the style of fantasy — Maleficent. However, fans of this news
was more puzzled than pleased…

The fact is
what foreign media suspect that Angelina is now the large
health problems. Jolie is very thin and
began to weigh less than 40 pounds. Some time ago, even appeared
information about what the actress
he was urgently hospitalized and
her life is in grave danger. And Angelina really
disappeared from radar of the paparazzi for the full two weeks. But the official confirmation
the fact of admission from a representative of the Hollywood stars and has not followed.
However, the lack of comments from Jolie only further adds
oil in kindling the flames of the scandal surrounding the health of the wife of brad pitt.

it is unclear how the actress, being in such a vulnerable state, will be able
to participate in the difficult day-to-day shooting. It is amazing,
after the release of the first part “Maleficent” Jolie had denied involvement in
possible continuation. “I liked to participate in the filming, but I
do not seek to consolidate the image of the witch. I wish I had more time
conduct on the other side of the camera to pay
time Director’s work!” said Angelina.

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