Полина Гагарина удивила фанатов своей внешностью
The singer shared archival image.

Polina Gagarina

Photo: @Instagram gagara1987 Polina Gagarina

Polina Gagarina recently showed his fans a rare archival picture. The photos published in the microblog singer, was made 10 years ago. Her Pauline appeared in a quite unusual for fans of the Gagarin at the time wore short hairstyle “under the boy”, was a brunette and wore glasses.

Members turned their attention to a certain similarity Polina the young… Harry Potter! “It’s amazing how similar? That was the idea?”, “That’s so cute… Can actually Gagarin — sister of the famous wizard?”, “Wow! Changed so much, even can not believe that this is Pauline!” commented fans.

By the way, the singer of nostalgia probably stems from the fact that in her life big changes are coming. Apparently, Polina soon will become a mother for the second time. But she prefers not to dwell on this personal matter.

In its daily chart that there has been some changes. She also continues to follow the figure, and to go to a fitness club. In addition, Polina has not yet gone on maternity leave, and continues to delight fans with performances. That’s just the mentor show “the Voice. Children” Gagarin this year gave the singer Nyusha. About how it cope with its new responsibilities, the audience will see very soon.