Стали известны подробности свадьбы Юлианны Карауловой
The singer told where and when he wants to arrange a celebration.

Yulianna Karaulova and Andrew Black

Photo: @yulianna_karaulova/Instagram

Since the end of December Yulianna Karaulova officially has the status of
bride. The eyes of the audience, the singer received a proposal of marriage from
music producer Andrew Black: then the star was involved in the shooting
the new year “ogonek” at the rink ENEA. According to the artist, it is absolutely not
expected that the beloved will propose to her in such a public place.

A few months Yulianna reveal the secret
your wedding. The young people decided to arrange a wedding in April in Georgia.
According to the Service, in this country, the warm atmosphere, delicious food and Jolly good people.

We will remind, Julianna and Andrew met in the record
the Studio, when the singer was only 17 years old. But no romantic relationship
out of the question. They are seven years talked as friends. And only then between them
had a moment and broke novel. As told Karaulov, Black could
to charm her friends, who immediately began to advise the girl to pay attention
to the familiar guy.