Polina Gagarina surprised by the surprise her husband

Полина Гагарина удивлена сюрпризом мужа Star cheerfully celebrated birthday. To congratulate the mentor show “the Voice” Polina Gagarina came the closest friends and relatives. The husband of the birthday girl all day pleased and surprised favorite.

      On the eve of Polina Gagarina was 30 years old. With a beautiful date celebrity and congratulated the colleagues and representatives of world brands and fans, and all family members. All day, the singer took luxury flowers, jewelry, cards and calls from all over the world.

      But the main surprise for the actress staged her husband – photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. The man gathered the family for the guest of honor of the people who pasted on the faces of the portraits of Pauline. Entering the room, decorated with balloons, a young woman received a creative gift company redesigned sang the band’s song “Mushrooms”. Roller Gagarin shared in the microblog.

      “Between us melts the ice Box thirty one gives. Between us is melting the ice, let the enthusiasm is not going anywhere. Between us the ice is melting, Anniversary without us will not pass! Thank you to my husband for an organized spiritual holiday and special meals. And mommy, of course. And son. And all my amazing friends! Together we never get bored!” – wrote under the post birthday girl.

      Also in the microblog the blonde thanked him and others who made this day special. She showed followers dozens of bouquets, notes and gorgeous gifts. So, the day of birth gave her a lot of expensive gifts: girlfriend-designer – diamond ring, mother – an Orchid in a pot, fans – bracelet-thread with a diamond, husband bag Prada limited edition.

      “My favorite 27.03 birthday. This means that today, all for her. I was incredibly lucky to meet her on the way, and every day I thank fate for it. The field is incredible. She is my closest and best friend. Happy birthday, love the Polka!” – posted by Dmitry on Instagram.

      Interestingly, the wards Polina – the participants of the vocal project “the Voice” is also not left behind. Sardor Milano along with thousands of spectators congratulated beloved teacher with the anniversary from the stage. The young man admitted warm feelings for Gagarina and wished her happiness, family well-being and music. The actor shared the video in microblogging. And the other man – Tornike Kvitsiani said he was very grateful to the singer, because on the show he got because of it. “Happy birthday! Good health and good luck in everything! I am very glad that his voice turned her chair!” – wrote man.