Полина Гагарина возмущена враньем журналистов

Polina Gagarina was the victim of unscrupulous journalists. Not so long ago we talked about the fact that a cousin of the singer told the press that with the acquisition of fame Pauline has completely changed. Her lack of attention to side relatives told her cousin. Then the guy complained that Gagarin’s relatives not paying enough attention, especially considering how much those same relatives have done for her and her mother good. In particular, an uncle of Pauline Alexander Mukachev sponsored her training in the school-Studio of MKHAT and has spared no money on food and expensive clothes for her niece.

As it turned out, this information is completely untrue and was incorrectly filed by the journalists of the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.

Polina herself had mentioned that her relationship with her family is actually very warm. Moreover, uncle Gagarina even sometimes helps her to respond to numerous letters from fans.

Alexander himself confirmed the words of the singer.

“My interview on NTV is set up. Nasty journalists came to my house and behaved very ugly. I told them that Pauline all fine. But they drew from all the talk I have said about the completely different situation that the sister never touched, told the relative Gagarina press.

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