Илья Глинников запрещает Аглае Тарасовой говорить о любви The stars of the series “Interns” keep their relationship a secret. Ilya Glinnikov and Aglaia Tarasova together for the first year, but their romance is little known to the General public.

      Илья Глинников запрещает Аглае Тарасовой говорить о любви

      Aglaia Tarasova and Ilya Glinnikov meet is not the first year. Star “Interns” demonstrate passionate feelings in social networks. Fans of the series enjoyed watching the development of novel actors via “Instagram”. But the pictures remain for followers only opportunity to learn about what is actually happening in the lives of the artists.

      “Elijah scolds me when I begin to talk about our relationship. I realized recently how he’s right. Personal should remain personal,” admits Aglaia.

      Perhaps Tarasova and would like to tell about the quarrels and reconciliations, touching and tender moments of his romance with Glinnikov, but to go against the will of his chosen it is not solved. By the way, not so long ago, surrounded by stars was a rumor about their imminent wedding.

      The speculation about marriage Aglaia fueled itself. She has published on his page in the social network photo in wedding dress. “I didn’t recognize! You look very nice this way,” “no Strength, what a beauty”, “Chic and natural”, is supported Tarasov friends.

      It is noteworthy that earlier the star had repeatedly announced their separation, but then put up again. “After breaking up is not so easy to get used again, especially if there were major differences. Ilya – pretty jealous, he’s a difficult character,” revealed the truth “StarHit” their friend Ekaterina Kiseleva.

      By the way, before the quarrels of actors could occur on the basis of job – the guys worked in the same project, the series “Interns”. Now this question can be considered closed, so the couple less reasons for quarrels.

      “When filming ended, together with them ended and a certain stage in life. At first it was a little sad, but then I realized this: the end of an important stage means the beginning of something new. And I’m terribly curious. In General, now I’m trapped in thoughts what will happen next, and not the memories of the recent past,” Tarasova said in an interview with “Peopletalk”.

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