Polina Gagarina is rapidly losing weight

Полина Гагарина стремительно теряет вес
Fans of star worry about her health.

Polina Gagarina

Photo: @gagara1987 (Instagram Polina Gagarina)

Polina Gagarina contrived to have a second child with virtually no “on the job”. Singer to the last continued to be, concealing, however, their pregnancies, and in two weeks after giving birth, the actress was again in the ranks. By the time of its first publication after the birth of daughter MIA, the singer was already in great shape, but was still dissatisfied with your reflection in the mirror.

The artist sat on a rigid diet and intensively engaged sports. This mode quickly bore “fruit” and Pauline began to look even more elegant. However, Gagarin did not stop and continued to lose weight. She recently shared her joy with fans: she managed to lose four kilograms. However, this news has alarmed many fans. Pauline, in their opinion, already back on “Dobermann” form, and, continuing the experiments with the weight loss, risks earn health problems.

The desire Gagarina hurry to say goodbye recruited during second pregnancy weight is understandable. The fact that having her first child — son Andrew, Pauline very much recovered and then could not cope with the extra weight. The memories were so vivid that, once again in the “position” she was afraid to step on the scales to see there awesome figures. “During the pregnancy I gained a lot! How much? I don’t know as have not weighed since January! Why? I was afraid of. Was afraid that I would see the same figure as in my first pregnancy, and she was…” — said Polina after childbirth.