Полина Гагарина выдала секреты путешествия с грудным ребенком
The singer first left the country with a three-month daughter.

Polina Gagarina with her daughter MIA

Photo: Instagram Polina Gagarina

Your first vacation after the birth of her daughter MIA Polina Gagarina
spent in France. “Recently, we left on vacation for the first time with the baby. And
on vacation I realized that I have not written a post with advice to young moms, they have accumulated enough. First: I
I want to say about the importance of functional stroller in the house!” — shared the singer. Pauline
chose a stroller that is easy to travel. “It is well formed
and turns into hand Luggage on the plane, it is very convenient!”

Gagarin said that she and her husband Dmitry Isakov
also use and portability-“kangaroo”. MIA didn’t want to get out of it, pressed against
dad’s chest until the couple reached the gate. Another
a lifesaver, according to Pauline, was an anatomical nipple.

Gagarin periodically shares tips for a young mom. So,
shortly after the birth of her daughter she raised the issue of pediatric Allergy. Pauline believes
that should give enough attention to this issue and not to let it take its course.
“Our pediatrician a lot to tell about the Allergy and gave us a guide to action:
if on the cheeks redness is a red flag. In this case
better to go to the doctor so he can prescribe treatment – we can’t expect that all by itself
held that the Kremik or Allergy drops will help! This problem often
underestimated, that’s why it’s so important to talk about it as much as possible
the number mom!”

The name Polina and Dmitry gave to his daughter — pretty
rare. But it turns out that even during pregnancy Gagarin invented for
girls have a completely different name. She had planned to name the baby Lucienne. But
when the baby was born, a happy mom realized that I need urgently
look for another name. At that moment I had to trust my instincts. Pauline
she remembers how suddenly began to say: “Mi… mi… mi…”, as if repeating a musical
letter. And when it became clear that MIA is one of the variants of pronunciation of name
Maria, it was decided to name the newborn.