Dana Borisova released a message to her ex-husband

Дана Борисова обнародовала послание к бывшему мужу Leading allowed to use a mobile phone. So Dana Borisova finally be able to call and write to their relatives. The woman is very pleased to have this opportunity and can’t wait to talk with her daughter Pauline.

TV presenter Dana Borisova continues to undergo rehabilitation in Thailand. Blonde regularly talks about their successes in social networks. Apparently, the stay in the clinic benefited celebrities. Dana said that the beginning of a new stage in life and does not use any mind-altering substance. Borisov believes that after treatment she will be able to live in complete sobriety.

Recently, celebrity announced that she was allowed to use a mobile phone. So Given periodically get in touch with loved ones. Recently, a woman sent a message to her ex-husband, Maxim Aksenov, who is now engaged in their common daughter Polina. Borisov shared with ex-lover their success. In the microblog appeared leading her message to the businessman.

“Have I changed, people change, my dear, I have a light from within, and the face glows, I’m very modest, but solid, began to believe, not for show, not for the report. (…) I’ve never been religious and I laughed at people, to be honest. I came to this. First, just prayed and asked to help me sleep, I suffered so much that I couldn’t sleep, it’s just a nightmare…

I even steps about a higher power are all passed, I thought, it’s not for me. Now everything has changed, I will not continue to brag, I’m courageous, be strong and happy, this is important. Very, very happy. So. What do you think?” – posted Borisov on the Network.

Dana also noted that he was waiting for a call from the daughter of Pauline, whom she called “the most beautiful and beloved.” Apparently, Maxim Aksenov seriously engaged in the education of girls. Now the child, who once had problems with a foreign language, is abroad. According to This, Pauline lives in England and attends classes at a local school. In addition, the heir to the stars start to seriously pursue tennis.

Famous TV host is proud of the successes of her daughter and has no plans to take her away from father. Not so long ago Borisova wrote a message to the little girl, in which she promised to change. “Valeriya, native girl! I was very glad to hear from you three days ago. Thanks to your father Maxim, who gave us to talk to you. Probably, you thought about me is better to forget, because I made a lot of mistakes and I’m really to blame. But please don’t forget me,” said the celebrity.