Polina Dibrova shared the hardships of the travel with kids

Полина Диброва поделилась тяготами путешествия с детьми The wife of the TV presenter went on holiday to Spain. A young mother went abroad without her husband. Polina Dibrova shared with fans of the difficulties of flights with three young sons.

      The wife of TV presenter Dmitry Dibrova Polina went on a trip abroad with three young sons – six-year-old Sasha, a two year old Theodore and one-year-old Elijah. 27-year-old mother of many children was not afraid to go for a vacation with kids, given that the beloved spouse has not made a company of your family. Pauline spoke in detail about all the hardships of flights with kids.

      “Really hard with strollers and children. A man at the airport offered to tie them, as they scattered in three directions. But then we boarded the plane, ate… Oh, yeah, I was all soaked with juice and covered with risotto, and the seats were chopped bread crumbs, as I was sitting between Sasha and Fedya. Children what to say,” admitted Dibrova their fans in the microblog.

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      However, the young mother did not dare to go alone with young children. For the sake of your own peace of mind she brought assistants. Moreover, living in Spain they are not in the hotel and the apartments. On vacation a mother with many plans not to abandon a healthy diet. For food she will go to the local market, then to prepare healthy meals.

      “With you I certainly picked assistants. As we rest not in the hotel but in the apartments. We were invited Fedenka godfather and very close family friend. All of us do, including cooking. I admit, it is incredibly cool and from all of this I enjoy. Where to from here? Village near Barcelona. I go to the market, choose the freshest fish, meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits. Dinner-monkfish, tomorrow for lunch-soup from sea bass. In General, Paradise on earth!” – shared his impressions of Pauline.

      A young mother excited about the climate in Spain. She told me that the heat is not felt because of the pleasant sea wind. Children Dibrova to relax at the resort – swim and frolic on the beach. Despite the fact that Polina is necessary to constantly monitor the kids, she even manages to put a short video in microblogging. Fans went into raptures as Dibrova able to do everything.

      “Pauline, you are a hero! Even with helpers, it is still three kids is no joke,” “the Pauline, wow, you all write with such a positive attitude, very nice of you to read!”, “What is positive! A great holiday!” – wished the followers of the young mother.

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