Исполняя роль Ивана Грозного, Александр Михайлов впал в кому 73-year-old actor attended the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. The popular actor and talented Director spoke about his novels, childhood and loss. The conversation went about how Alexander Mikhailov narrowly escaped death.
Исполняя роль Ивана Грозного, Александр Михайлов впал в кому

Alexander Mikhailov was loved by the audience after the film “Love and doves”, “Guys!”, “Snow white Russia”, “the Enchanted wanderer”… a folk artist was planning to link his life with the sea, however, the mother of the actor was against a dangerous profession.

Boris Korchevnikov the actor spoke about the unseen. Mikhailov told why went with the first wife Vera, why married the widow of my best friend, and then narrowly escaped death.

“My acting a little bit feminine, hysterical. The most beautiful years have been associated with the sea, how can you forget this beauty?” – said Mikhailov.

The actor said that the first time married in high school, his choice was Vera Konstantinovna Musatov. The girl’s father was Admiral of the fleet, and could easily provide in-law a successful career in the military, however, Mikhailov decided to choose the profession of artist. “I graduated from the theatre Institute in Vladivostok. My friend was Oleg Yankovsky, I envied white envy him – when he returned from the shoot and talked about what they saw, what happened.”

In the early 80s Alexander Yakovlevich, together with his family moved to Moscow. The first major success for Mikhailov came after the legendary film “Love and pigeons”. However, in the personal life of the actor, there were serious difficulties. His mother Stepanida Naumovna refused to accept the daughter-in-law. In women, there was a very strained relationship.

Meanwhile, Alexander and Vera Mikhailov families were friends with another acting couple – Vladimir and Oksana Vasilevym. The pair were often seen together in the New year, celebrated the holidays, it was then between Alexander and Oksana began a warm relationship. In 1993, Vladimir Vasilyev died of a stroke. The first phone call Oksana to report the death of a spouse, was Alexander Yakovlevich.

The death of his friend rallied a widow and Mikhailov. The actor was often away on tour, leaving the elderly mother alone. He asked Vasilyev watching Stepanida a Naumovna. She often visited the woman, made friends with her. And in the end the mother of the artist decided to marry son and Oksana.

“I was very worried about this, mom immediately took Oksana. I was often away on tour, Vasiliev visited mom in her Studio apartment in North Moscow. Prepared, tended, in General, were with her until the end,” – said Mikhailov.

They were truly meant to be together: in 2003, Alexander and Oksana yet legalized relationships, in this Union the couple had a daughter Miroslava. Mikhailov adopted son Vasilyeva from his first marriage – Vladislav. Also, the people’s artist is the illegitimate heir to the actress Olga Kuznetsova, Anastasia. The girl is 26 years old, and it bears the name of the star father.

The actor also recalled how he played the role of Ivan the terrible. In the title mentioned the word “death.” Sensing the discomfort, Mikhailov asked the theatre management to remove him from the title, but colleagues refused to the people’s entertainer… the Consequences were dramatic: when the artist was driving to the show, he became ill. “From me by the throat came out two liters of blood, I have lost 32 pounds. About two days spent in a coma. Then the vision I had. The lake is awesome, the music, the space… Saw seven boats, they walked over to me. It was not the person – it was the faces. And one of those drowned,” recalls Alexander Yakovlevich.

Now the actor is trying to maintain a relationship with all the family. Actor warmly of the first son Constantine, he managed to keep the heir of a good relationship, the adopted people’s artist Vladislav also communicates.

“I have two daughters, two sons, two sisters. My ultimate goal, so every year we got together and celebrated some holidays. We must hurry to do good”, – said Mikhailov.