Playboy decided to go back to basics

Playboy решил вернуться к истокам

For many decades Playboy magazine had this case showed the beauty of the naked female body. But in the 2015th edition of the policy has undergone some changes: the editors decided to abandon the publication of photos of naked girls.

Therefore, the magazine wanted to keep up with the times and pay more attention to the online version. But the data speak for themselves – this experiment failed, because now the editors returned all to normal.

“Nudity was never a problem, because nudity is not a problem. Today we returned our individuality and say this is who we really are”, — these words of the son of Hugh Hefner Cooper appeared in the official Instagram account of Playboy.

Also in the microblog has been published the new cover of the next issue with the hashtag NakedIsNormal (“to Be naked is fine”).