Фото подросшего принца Джорджа покорило пользователей Сети
The son of Duchess Catherine and Prince William celebrates the fourth birthday.

Prince George

Photo: @kensingtonroyal Instagram

Kensington Palace
has published a new photo of the now four-year Prince George. This picture
although he is the official portrait turned out nice and relaxed. Charming smile
the heir to the throne, dressed in a striped shirt, just fascinated
the British and many of Internet users around the world. All found that from time
his last portrait made on the occasion of previous day of birth, George
has grown significantly and lost weight. According to most, the boy the more, the more
becoming like his father at that age.

This photo, unlike
from the former, was not his mother, Catherine, who had to prove themselves as
a talented photographer. George captured by professional photographer Chris Jackson, spouse of the personal assistant to the Duchess of Natasha Archer.

That gave the Prince
on the day of birth of his parents, not yet reported. But we know what
the gift was made by him in Germany, where George recently returned. Organizers
the European tour of Prince William and Catherine, who took on a journey
and George and Charlotte, decided to congratulate the young heir of the throne day
birth in advance. Knowing that the boy just loves all appliances, including
and flying, he was taken on a flight base, where he was able to explore the helicopters
different models. The Prince managed to climb into flying machines wherever I could
to climb. He considered all touched. George was happy when he
allowed to try a real flight helmet. Besides, during this “tour”
he was accompanied by Prince William, who is known to be professional
the pilot of the medical aviation. At the request of the son, he explained to him the different
components and devices, what led George into a perfect delight.