Глюк'оZа «предала» Ольгу Бузову
The singer intervened in the conflict of the stars “House-2” and Svetlana Loboda.

Natalia Ionova and Olga Buzova

Photo: @chistyakova_ionova (Instagram Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova)

Stardom lately, and then shudders from the loud star scandals. The last of them linked to the conflict between Olga Buzova and Svetlana Loboda, it lasts for several days. About the work of the two artists spoke for many representatives of the world of show business. Someone like, for example, Anna Sedokova, sided with Olga, and others supported her.

Glitch”оZа were among the artists who chose creativity stars “House-2” Loboda songs. Natalia honestly explained his choice: music Buzova — just business. “As for Buzova, my position is that. No doubt, she is punching the girl, incredible work ethic, and most importantly — Olga isn’t afraid to do what she wants, and I have these people respect. She gets a thrill from what was going on in her life, and it certainly attracts, besides she has a great ability even the actions of the detractors to turn in their favor, it should learn. But honestly, now Buzova more about business than about creativity, which, I think, is not enough. But I believe in it!” she said.

Recall that the argument Buzova and Loboda occurred after the publication of an interview with Svetlana where she is dismissive not only about Olga as a singer, but also her many fans. By the way, recently the number of “friends” Buzova in the famous social Network exceeded 10 million.