Филипп Киркоров сделал селфи с Моной Лизой

Philip again went to travel. This time, the contractor decided once again to enjoy the beauty of France, see the Eiffel tower and admire the works of art that are on display in the Louvre.

However, the king of pop-pop didn’t just walk among the masterpieces in the background of one of them, he took a selfie, which now took its place in his microblog on Instagram. Philip himself was captured in the background of the Mona Lisa.

“Smile…” — briefly and clearly signed photograph of the man. Fans of the singer praised his selfie, noting that the creation of Leonardo Da Vinci, does not deserve such great attention to it confined: “Mona Lisa looks much better in the format of a selfie Philip. By itself, this is unfairly operanda sad picture and melanonychia”.

Recall that recently Kirkorov called to answer for cruelty to animals.

The fact of such treatment, according to zoodefenders, occurred at one of his concerts. During the execution of the next song Philip picked up two scarlet tiger cubs. But the baby didn’t like it, they tried to escape. Violence against children, the audience, and later users of the network, perceived as mockery and called on the authorities to do something to a man punished.

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