Семья Бондарчуков примирилась и отправилась на совместный отдых

Divorce Svetlana and Fyodor Bondarchuk was not easy for their family, especially the son of the couple Sergei. Even though the guy has already grown and is a father of two children, the act of the parents seemed to him wild. Even more strange for Sergei had to accept the fact that Fedor dumped the woman with whom he lived for 25 years on the young flame, which was the actress Paulina Andreev.

Still he didn’t take her stepmother and tried to avoid her company, but it seems that the family finally made peace and even went on a joint vacation.

In his microblog wife Bondarchuk Jr. Tata published a photo of a hugging father and son. With them resting in Spain and beloved by Fyodor Bondarchuk. Apparently, Paulina Andreeva was able to find common language with Sergey and Tata.

Previously introduced Fedor Andreev with his family. The Director and the actress went to St. Petersburg, where had a wonderful time with her younger brothers. 21-year-old Harry and 16-year-old Boris easily found a common language with the elect sister.

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