Philip once again caught in plagiarism

Филипп Киркоров опять попался на плагиате
Last year, the singer Philip Kirkorov had to explain to the leader of the French group Space, Didier Marouani, which appealed to a Russian court to ban Kirkorov to sing the song “Cruel love”.

Филипп Киркоров опять попался на плагиате

Marouani was detained by police one of the Bank’s branches, where they wanted to meet Kirkorova to obtain financial compensation. At the end of the composer and left with nothing…

Now, for Philip was again sued, the composers are confident that the man brazenly stole the song “Helwa ya Baladi” singer Dalida (Dalida).

Remake it in his own track, “Silk thread”:

Lawyer Kirkorov Alexander Dobrovinsky has already commented on the REN TV channel this situation:

“I don’t know, to be honest. But I will probably talk to Philip. If we do claim is, let us claim”
– quite calmly said Dobrovinsky.

Let’s see if this time the man to “get out”?

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