Philip met with his illegitimate daughter

Филипп Киркоров встретился со своей внебрачной дочерью

Suddenly Philip became the father of not two, but three children. No, you do not think that a surrogate mother gave birth to the king of the national stage another daughter or son. About himself gave to know a senior Kirkorov heiress named Emily.

Meeting Philip and Emily is organized by the Latvian musician Raimonds Pauls. It is approached with a request for assistance, the woman who was the soloist of the Riga Philharmonic. In 1993 in the city with concerts came a young Philip, they met and fleeting affair ended with the pregnancy of the girl. About his interesting position Inga found out when he was already far away, and decided not to bother, especially since the actor was going to marry Alla Pugacheva.

His life, Inga was arranged with another man and Spain. Now, 23 years later she returned to Riga, when I learned that there will be the father of her daughter.

Some media reported that the meeting of the relatives took place, and someone thinks that this news is just a PR stunt to draw attention to a new concert tour Kirkorov “I”.

In any case, all the details and the truth we learn later.


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