Филипп Киркоров купил собственные духи за 8000 рублей

To demonstrate reporters their fragrance, the singer had to pay for bottles of his own pocket.

Today, September 21, in the perfume Department of Gum went on sale branded perfume Philip Kirkorov. Some of his scent is already familiar for the first time your perfume present in spring before the premiere of the new show “I”. However, all this time spirits were only sold at concert venues, and, accordingly, to purchase only the audience who came to speak.

“Unfortunately, not all people could afford to buy my perfume,” said Philip. – And it’s not in the price of 4000 rubles. And that’s not all we take with us to the concert cash in such amount. A payment card you can arrange to be in all cities, to my great regret. In America it’s simple: you come to a concert of your favorite artist in the lobby can buy various products associated with him, paying her at least a card, even in cash, although checks as you like. We have, however, not all have these cars for maps. So that people like and want to buy, and can afford the purchase, but just don’t have the ability to do it.”

But Kirkorov has problems with cash, as it turned out, no. When the singer wanted to showcase the flavor of the reporters, he opened one standing in the window boxes. Gum saleswoman gasped. Philip immediately reassured:

“It’s at my expense. The walk today. Bring my backpack” – asked the singer and immediately took out two five-thousandth denominations. He bought two bottle of perfume: male and female, 4,000 rubles each. The sellers money artist took and gave the change to 2000 rubles. Then Philip continued:

“I don’t like these papers in the perfume stores where the sellers demonstrate the spirits. It is better to study the aroma on the body. Come on, who’s the spray?” and the singer generously sprayed everyone.

Men’s fragrance is a blend of grapefruit, pepper and cardamom, rose and geranium with woody-sweet plume ugowego of wood, warm sandalwood, and spicy oakmoss.

A women’s fragrance consists of refreshing notes of sea breeze, lemon, Jasmine, tuberose, musk and cedar wood.