Филипп Киркоров объяснил, почему возвращается на «Евровидение» The king of Russian show-business wrote a song for one of the members of the vocal show. As it turned out, Philip helps the contestant friendly country. The contractor has shed light on the reasons for his action.

Some time ago, Philip announced that he was going to help one of participants of “Eurovision”. The statement of the singer surprised his fans, because after Sergey Lazarev won in the vocal competition the third place, the king of Russian show-business, he vowed not to participate in it. “I’m disappointed”, said Philip Bedrosovich.

However, the man still changed his mind. In a recent interview with reporters the famous actor explained why he agreed to participate again in the show.

“A song was even written for one of the friendly countries. Everything is ready. All soon learn. I agreed to write a song just because people have changed in the leadership of EBU (European broadcasting Union). By the way, this happened after the scandal with Sergey Lazarev when was the unjust hounding of Russia, obviously a biased assessment of his performance. I then raised a serious wave of his statements, to be indignant were many. And EBU has changed”, – said the king of Russian show-business.

The artist expressed the hope that in 2018, the participant from Russia will appreciate. We already know that the country will be Julia Samoylova. She was supposed to participate this year, but the authorities of Ukraine forbade her entry to Kiev. They motivated their decision by the fact that Samoilova acted in Crimea.

During the conversation with the correspondent the man also shared his plans on December 31. The contractor is going to spend the holidays with the children. In recognition of the actor, this year for the first time he is resting, not working for the corporate events. Philip Bedrosovich is planning to go together with the heirs to Disneyland (which is not reported).

Martin and Alla-Victoria had written a letter to Santa Claus. Kirkorov admitted that he tries to please the kids nice gifts. Not so long ago the singer was in America on a business meeting where he managed to acquire a rare toy monkey.

“In our childhood accomplishment was the German children’s railway and the game “Behind the wheel”. And these kids now have a huge selection. But this does not mean that I spoil them”, – said the artist.

In September 2018 the daughter of Philip Alla-Victoria will go to the first class. Girl needs to get ready for school. Martin sits down at his Desk later in a year. “Each of them needs to be your world. Let them grow independent, but don’t forget to support each other”, – quotes Kirkorov “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.