Филипп Киркоров пробудил в Борисе Моисееве желание стать отцом The singer admitted that very much loves children. Boris Moiseev has never intended to get heirs. Director stars said that once, being already in middle age, the singer is very sorry about it.
Филипп Киркоров пробудил в Борисе Моисееве желание стать отцом

Famous singer Boris Moiseev boasts a wonderful creative career, it is adored by millions of fans, he is rich in his garage for several cars, his luxury apartment in Moscow worth 60 million.

However, the performer hits no heirs. 63-year-old Boris Moiseev’t got no family, no children. In the “Secret” one million, where the singer was accompanied by his Director, he said that he dreamed of becoming a father. “I never wanted to be a parent”, – answered inquiries Lera Kudryavtseva on the heirs of Boris Moiseev.

But as it turned out, the artist was cunning. According to the Director of the singer Sergey Peas, a few years ago, Boris Moiseev very sorry that at the time did not think about children. Philip regrets that he has solved the mystery of the birth of children

Филипп Киркоров пробудил в Борисе Моисееве желание стать отцом“Boris, you may not remember, but when Philip Kirkorov had a daughter and a son, you told me that regret not having applied in due time for help to a surrogate mother”, – said Sergey Peas.

The man added that Boris Moiseev would be a wonderful father, because the singer loves children. He’s great with the heirs of their famous friends, the kids call him “uncle Bob”.

Boris Moiseev touching the cross takes care of his daughter Varvara, the sole heir of the singer Alena Apina Epinoy. The singer came to the Studio program and said that the best godfather for his daughter she desire can not. “Bob was a thrill. For him, it was the newly – recalled Alain Apina about the christening. – Everything was very nice, warm, not the décor. He from the first moment he became our kin.” In the program recalled that on the eve of this important event Boris Moiseev became ill, and in the temple he came in a gauze mask. Alena Apina invited the singer to take it off, we had a photo shoot, and Moses could enter into history in the not very aesthetic form.

Филипп Киркоров пробудил в Борисе Моисееве желание стать отцом“But Bob told me: “You what? The child’s health is more important”. And on all pictures of the temple we have the godfather captured in a sling,” said Alena Apina.

See Boris Moiseev is the godmother of daughter rarely. As explained by the girl’s mother, She doesn’t love show business and all that it involves. But godfather indulges Xenia and often gives her gifts. Basically, it’s jewelry.