Личный опыт: как устроена работа персонального шоппера

The profession of personal shopper arouses many conflicting emotions: on the one hand, it seems that such services may require only the stars, on the other, many puzzling process itself: why pay money for something it can handle myself? After all, shopping can know everything, and not love this activity!

However, this initiative sometimes end with a full wardrobe of clothing and the perennial exclamation, “And to wear something and nothing”. SPLETNIK.RU learned how to construct an accompaniment for shopping and why today the services of personal stylists are not only stars.

The days when a personal stylist could afford only celebrities are long gone. And it’s not that the income of the average fashionista caught up with the fees for Hollywood blockbusters — just the market of services of stylists in recent years greatly increased. Compilation of perfect wardrobe has become more accessible, however, there is a situation and disadvantages. While this segment is booming: to be a stylist now as fashionable as ten years ago, as a lawyer, and schools with diverse fashion courses are growing by leaps and bounds, it is likely complicates the search for your specialist.

Личный опыт: как устроена работа персонального шоппера

Dive into the depths of Instagram for professionals is like diving for pearls: instead of the sharks you can run into inflated prices or unskilled lovers hypnoti. However, those who want to become a stylist, is having a hard time: if in the West there are many specialized programs fashion stylist, for example, receive training at the London College of Arts or Milan, the Istituto Marangoni (educational institution has branches in other European capitals, Shanghai and Mumbai), in Russia everything is reduced to dozens, if not hundreds, of short term courses and workshops, where the choice of the right is also akin to walking through a minefield.

Because of this, many still reacting to the profession of a personal shopper with some disbelief, although in fact this person could help to solve many problems.

Личный опыт: как устроена работа персонального шоппера Jutta Kuperman, 32, stylist and personal shopper

A feature of our stylist, when compared with foreign, is that we need to reach out, to convey their necessity to our potential clients. Perhaps that is why people want to see and not only look, but read some reviews though, maybe it’s just because our people love to read in principle.

It is worth noting that in the West most of the shoppers are working with a narrow niche audience or direction: spetsializiruyutsya on the styling men or women, selecting clothing or accessories. Moreover, now developing segment of the personal shoppers in the area of interior or home appliances. We also still growing market of fashion shoppers, all of them, as a rule, mnogostanochnik.

Личный опыт: как устроена работа персонального шоппера

At the same time just a love of shopping does not mean aptitude: image of another person requires some knowledge. Professional shopper needs better than the stylist to understand the history of fashion and kinds of materials to know the etiquette in dress and features different dress codes, the basics of visual shaping and build the correct proportions, and, of course, to be aware of all the trends, the newest collections, the range of shops and price ranges from different brands.

It is worth considering that the load in the work is also periodic in nature: most people want to upgrade to the seasonal closet, so peak demand occurs in September-December and March-may.

Личный опыт: как устроена работа персонального шоппера

It is also worth remembering that for the successful development of the shopper you need to pump not only the creative skills and business acumen, not to mention the fact that introverts have in this profession is not easy. Communication skills for the shopper is very important, because the ability to make acquaintance and the like are more important than ever.

I always liked to dress up, go shopping, look for something interesting and sometimes helping friends with style. I did not realize that my hobby can become a profession: I studied in a technical University, worked as a teacher, but on maternity leave realized that I need to change something. The decision did not come immediately, I had to think about it.

At one point I decided that it is better to start, than sit. Started a separate Instagram account, there to share their look AMI, but people went inactive. So I went on a course about how to earn and develop in the stylist profession, after customers started to come more actively

— Jutta tells about his start.

The development account is one of the most important things at the start for the stylist: the vast majority of people who have used the services of personal shoppers, took the decision to cooperate after they liked the style of the stylist. The important role played recommendation.

Личный опыт: как устроена работа персонального шоппера

Your shopper Nina, I found the advice of friends. First of all, I did some research on her Instagram, because the person you will advise something, you should be nice, you must like the way he dresses

— says 43-year-old Irina, who with the help of a personal shopper completely transformed my wardrobe.

Of course, people go when they feel something in common- views, attitude to the world, the love of art, architecture,

— echoes Jutta.

Личный опыт: как устроена работа персонального шоппера

Today, personal assistants for shopping, there are various large Department stores and outlet shopping, and consultants boutiques already know the preferences of their regular customers. But if we are talking about the first call for this service, and the problems don’t just purchase the most trendy things of the season, but also a complete rethinking of the closet and finding a personal style, then seek assistance from a better to an independent stylist who will spend the personal customer a few days.

Personally, when a shopper creates a shopping list he must take into account who the client is, what fraction of the time he spends at work, if there is a dress code: all selected taking into account the specific lifestyle.

In the whole process of working with the shopper similar to the popular TV shows about image change: the only difference is that the history of your disguises will not fall to the Federal air.

Личный опыт: как устроена работа персонального шоппера

Services of a personal shopper are divided into several categories. So, to those who apply for such services for the first time and not yet ready to invest in updating the wardrobe a substantial amount, can be an interesting online consultation. On average it costs two to three thousand rubles in the framework it is possible to ask the stylist questions, and he, in turn, will help to Orient with the proper styles and shades.

Личный опыт: как устроена работа персонального шоппера

The next step could be the analysis of the closet is an integral part of the joint work of the stylist and customer before you go shopping. Analysis of seasonal wardrobe stylist good level costs about ten thousand rubles. The main rule here: the minimum of things — a maximum of combinations.

Before making a new purchase, the stylist will help to get rid of the ballast and will be suitable sets of existing things. With the others, no matter how pathetic, will have to say goodbye.

Личный опыт: как устроена работа персонального шоппера

My wardrobe is bursting with things to wear and there was nothing I didn’t like anything, all things together are not connected, some things I haven’t worn in years. Therefore, the first stage of work involved a review of the wardrobe. Without this it is impossible to do because you have to be the person who will come and say: “it is 2019, and your stuff as of 2003”.

Psychologically we are tied to the things that we bought when I was younger: I had things a decade ago, and I continued to buy the same thing. Deep down I knew something already, but I needed the man who will come and say “come on!”.

Of course, something we have left, and this shopper has made me ready sets, and wrote the so-called shopping sheet that I need to buy for color, style, texture, what is fashionable and what will be fashionable at least three seasons, this is very important because the person you saves money

— says Irina.

Личный опыт: как устроена работа персонального шоппера

The client comes with a specific task — closet for the season, a suitcase on vacation, the way to the event. We have a budget, schedule, and stores in which the client prefers to dress, so the choice of the segment depends on the client directly.

Next, we discuss with the client how he would like to look, exchanging references, comments, next, I go to preshaping and select the appropriate things in the stores our price segment. The next day or the day after, we meet with the client and go along to try on the images. Shopping usually lasts from three to five hours, depending on the task.

The cost of such maintenance is six to ten thousand rubles, depending on the tasks and time spent,

continues Jutta.

Личный опыт: как устроена работа персонального шоппера

Received at the hands of shop-sheet, the client may also designate the amount you are willing to spend, and if necessary the assistant himself podkorrektirovatj the final list taking into account the financial opportunities and what is required to purchase in the first place.

In addition, shopping with a personal stylist is a much more organized, because all things are already pre-pending, and the images made, the client only needs to measure ready-made kits and make your final decision.

Личный опыт: как устроена работа персонального шоппера

Here, however, and await some difficulties, because to accept the new is not always easy when you are accustomed to a certain “box”.

Initially, of course, a little broke, but I consciously started to wear what she insisted, and my heart wasn’t in it, because otherwise it is impossible. Otherwise, you’ll time to buy something used and look old.

For example, I’m not a very good attitude to the cage, thought it’s not mine, but then changed his mind. I am grateful to the stylist for a job, because now I have a headache what to wear: I have a full wardrobe of ready-made kits

— Irina tells.

Личный опыт: как устроена работа персонального шоппера

By the way, the services of personal shoppers actively use and men. Oddly enough, but the biggest category is not men who want to rejuvenate (Mature man, to the contrary, the recognition of a number of respondents stylists, too conservative and consider that and will understand that they are to wear). Much more and more stylists are turning young people under the age of 35 who have a prospect of career growth.

Most of them come down to personal stylists with the filing of their own wives and girlfriends — often turn to the same professionals who are already working their favorite women, but from colleagues and friends, the use of such trendy services, the majority still prefers to hide. At the same time work with personal shoppers for many couples is primarily saving of time and nerves: the weekend before was spent wandering around the Mall in search of new things and endless disputes, it is now possible to conduct much more productive and interesting.

Личный опыт: как устроена работа персонального шоппера

I’m talking about this General had learned from his girlfriend — she tried, and she loved it. I was also happy because now I didn’t have to walk with her shopping. I, like most men, don’t like, in fashion do not understand anything. She looked like a girl shopper and then asked me to try it too. I work in an architectural office, strict dress code we have, but it is necessary to look all the same status, especially for meetings with clients. I’m used to, frankly, buy more that I like, in the end, suitable for use in the wardrobe a bit.

The stylist gave me these sets-the-week — we bought ten things, but with each she showed a few combinations: mostly jackets, shirts, trousers, but not in the style of a top Manager, and more creative, with some parts not all the banal, grey and blue colors, and there are things more vivid. It took weeks to get used, but colleagues in principle appreciated and it’s encouraged, of course. Change of style noticed, but I didn’t say I worked with the stylist, said we have a girl together just to update your wardrobe. It seems to me that just would not understand and would start all sorts of jokes, and people calmly responded: well dressed, well,

says 32-year-old Igor.

Личный опыт: как устроена работа персонального шоппера

During a hike with shopper for new clothes possible and to learn some important life hacks in the future, more conscious approach to the process of buying new clothes. For example, one of the main councils of stylists is that we need to unlearn to make spontaneous purchases.

For example, if you liked any thing before to buy it have in mind be at least five or six sets with the in the closet stuff. If that does not work, then to take such a thing is not necessary.

Личный опыт: как устроена работа персонального шоппера

Another option of personal shoppers: support abroad. The price here is, however, another: for example, shopping in Milan or Paris will cost a minimum of 250-400 euros, support from top experts may reach three thousand euros per hour. Do it more often Russian-speaking stylists, which live there permanently, but many are organized and special tours of Russia for sale.

And you have used the services of personal shoppers?

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