Пересильд и Учитель поздравили дочь с дебютом в кино In Moscow the premiere of the movie “Draft” based on the novel by Sergei Lukyanenko. The singer is one of the main roles of Yuliya Peresild appeared on the show along with the eldest heir Anne, who played the first role in the movie. The baby’s father Alex, the teachers came out.
Пересильд и Учитель поздравили дочь с дебютом в кино

On Thursday in Moscow cinema “October” was held pre-premiere of the highly anticipated film “Draft” of the Director Sergei cavalry mokritskiy on the novel by writer Sergei Lukyanenko. The film starred Nikita Volkov, Evgeny Tkachuk, Julia Peresild, Evgeniy Tsyganov, Andrei Merzlikin. In wide release fantastic film released on may 25.

On the red carpet of the event were many stars, including Maria Kozhevnikova, Katherine Spitz, Alexander Kott with his pregnant wife, Anna, Dmitry Khrustalev, Andrey Merzlikin. Appeared in the cinema and Sergei Lukyanenko. The writer posed for photographers with his sons – 14-year-old Artem and 10-year-old Daniel.

Everyone’s attention was focused on Yulia Peresild. Celebrity published together with her eldest daughter Anna, who also starred with her in “Draft”. The actress stopped at a long summer dress with colorful print. Julia complements your look sandals with high heels to match.

Пересильд и Учитель поздравили дочь с дебютом в кино

The father of the children Peresild, Aleksei Uchitel was also present at the screening. However, the Director chose not to pose with Julia and her daughter, but separately. What was the reason for this decision is anyone’s guess. It is known that Peresild and Teacher are reluctant to talk about his personal life, not wanting to attract the attention of the public.

More recently, the stars were out. Alexei Uchitel and Julia Peresild made a splash when he appeared at a costume ball held in December 2017. Celebrity introduced to the public the grown daughters Anna and Mary. The family enjoyed a traditional Christmas feast and watched the play of the Christmas ballet fairy tale “the Nutcracker”. Peresild and its successor chose a luxurious dress, and the Teacher stopped at the classic suit with a white shirt.

Alexei Uchitel and Julia Peresild brought to light grown children

Earlier in an interview, the Director first spoke about his heirs. The teacher confirmed that he is the father of Anne and Mary, and told about their powers. “My daughter is a miracle! They are still small, but I think just become Actresses. There are the makings,” shared a Teacher in the program “Once”.

The eldest daughter of Director and actress Anya dancing and shows excellent results in competitions, and the youngest is learning to play tennis. Coach delighted with Maria and believes that she is a future Sharapova. The Teacher also tries to develop the abilities of girls. He goes to a movie with them and tries to talk about serious things. Due to a busy schedule of work Alexei is not always possible to spend so much time with Anna and Mary, as he would like.

Besides Anna and Maria, the Teacher has the eldest son Ilya, who was born in 1992. The young man’s mother – Kira saksaganskaya, CEO of the international competition “Message to man”.