Пенелопа Крус рассказала, как в 45 выглядеть на 30

Пенелопа Крус рассказала, как в 45 выглядеть на 30

Perfect face and body of a 45-year-old Penelope Cruz is not a result of terrible plastic surgery. It is all about good genes, and hard work. Hot Spanish actress, shared the top five secrets of her stunning beauty.

No diets. Penelope hates the word “diet”, especially if it is severe and debilitating. She is a real Spanish woman who loves vegetables, fruits, seafood and lots of greenery. Of course salads should be dressed with a large quantity of olive oil to the skin was always supple and taut.

But for alcohol, the actress is very careful. She can afford a small glass of red wine and only on holidays.

If some role involves her to loose a few pounds, even in this situation, the Cruz not to go on a diet, but rather beginning to eat, just in smaller amounts. She also advises to always follow the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Natural cosmetics. Penelope never went under the surgeon’s knife due to the fact that he was afraid, and she just wants to always look natural. The actress prefers expensive care products for the face and body. Moreover, it does not neglect the gifts of nature.

Weekly she independently makes himself a mask for the skin of the quail eggs, maple syrup, mango, cinnamon and coffee. All this mix actress gently distributes over the skin and leave on for 20-30 minutes.

Hot yoga. Many celebrities do yoga, Penelope also chose this sport. However, its unusual yoga: Cruz goes in for sports in the sauna or bath. She claims that hot yoga has drastically changed the condition of her skin. The lesson lasts for half an hour, the first hour is very difficult, but the next 30 minutes are easier. Before the skin of the actress was loose and not elastic, but now it boasts a young fit body.

A healthy sleep. Penelope is confident that the key to health and beauty of all women is adequate sleep. Therefore, in her family there is usually a healthy 8 hour sleep, and sometimes, on weekends, she allows herself to get out of bed all day. This beauty secret she inherited from her mother in childhood. Although it is acknowledged that are always angry at the mother for what she made her go to bed on time and eat a lot of vegetables. Now with their children Cruz behaves similarly.

Business card of every woman — a perfume. That is why Penelope believes that change toilet water or perfume very often not right, in a perfect world, the smell must be the only one. Does she have a favorite scent that gave her parents in her youth, she fell for him immediately and is to this day.

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