Кристи Бринкли в купальнике пурпурного цвета не выглядит на свои 65 лет!

Christie Brinkley sipping Prosecco on the beach, and we are officially jealous of this! January 5, the supermodel has shared a new video, enjoying the sun and sand on the Islands in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the British overseas territory of the Atlantic ocean. She showed off her amazing figure in a purple bathing suit strapless!
Christie Brinkley is having holiday, living the best moments of his life on the Islands in the Turks and Caicos Islands! 65-year-old supermodel shared a series of photos from my vacation, including a new video with a boomerang effect in tandem with a bottle of chilled Italian wine “Prosecco Bellissima” — her line of sparkling wines for vegans, which are made from organic grapes. Christy looked amazing in the purple piece swimsuit strapless with a plunging neckline.

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I hope you’ll tune in to @qvc this Wednesday to take advantage of their special offers on my delicious @bellissimaprosecco all 3 expressions are made with #organic grapes. And we have restocked our popular, one and only #zerosugarprosecco so be sure to get in on the excitement! Two Shows !! Sometime in 4:00 PM hour and again in the 9:00 hour! (My times have changed first show in the 6:00 hour and the second show in the 10:00 hour)

Publication from Christie Brinkley (@christiebrinkley) on Jan 5 2020 3:19 PST

The star and the legend “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit” — annual edition, published by the American magazine Sports Illustrated posted a video in promotion of the new special us network of free-to-air channels QVC, provide a favorable environment for promoting her brand, “Bellissima”. Christy stood on the sand overlooking the sunset on the beach, when she kept a New year with its popular Prosecco with no added sugar. She proudly showed her natural hair with silver patches and a fresh face in the clip.
Christie, known for his bright blond hair, revealed the secret of their present silvery roots in a new selfie in a bikini on Sunday evening. She described their “natural flavor” a powerful header, which it signed along with a stunning picture. After Christy returned to their natural roots natural color, she decided not to visit beauty salons for the usual colouring of the hair, to make life easier for your hair. The model is then surveyed its subscribers and asked, should she “take the silver or go for gold?” And again dye my hair.

Hollywood leading lady more and more talking about the fact that they grow old gracefully and accept the skin in the form in which it resides without the use of any surgical methods. Just in December of this year, the artist and art patrons Alexander Grant, who’s Dating Keanu Reeves, were in all the headlines when she appeared with a completely unpainted head, covered with gray hair on the red carpet, holding hands with the actor. She later explained why she refuses to dye her hair, admitting that she prematurely turned gray.
Alexander said that she faced a recent medical study that found that women who used hair dye permanently, can increase the risk of breast cancer to 60 percent. In an effort to protect his health, the artist also admitted that she can choose how she wants to look at any age, and not mask their natural hair out because of ageism.

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