Пелагея поможет супругу справиться с болью Ivan Telegin seriously injured on the play. Hockey player injured during a match at the world Cup in Canada. “Pelageya”, who supported her husband in all games, will help him during recovery. Doctors have not yet had a final diagnosis.

      Russian player, Ivan Telegin became a real hero in the match against North America. Thanks to the efforts of the athlete, the Russians won with the score 4:3. However Telegin sacrificed their health, fighting off the supply of the enemy. He prevented a strike North American player on goal. In the previous match he never participated, so many were surprised when he took to the ice.

      Head coach of Russia Oleg Znarok believes that Telegin has shown himself during the match. “All caught on itself. It is an experience, the second game is always better than the first. He has two legs, lined. I can’t tell yet how seriously doctors conjure”, – said the coach of the hockey players. Colleague Ivan team Artem Anisimov believes that the player was lucky. “God took two very powerful throw. Good that he’s alive,” said the striker.

      In spite of its interesting position, Pelagia supportive of her husband during the matches of the world Cup. The singer is very concerned about his wife. Fans of the star couple believe that it will help him to quickly recover. Pregnant Pelagia had a husband strong support on the ice

      By the way, this is not the first injury Telegin in this season. In may, during a match of Russia with Finland, the athlete received a series of painful blows with a stick on my legs. Then, according to eyewitnesses, Pelagia saw what happened at the game, cried and rushed to the elect, when he was taken into the ambulance.

      Video posted @russian_nhl Sep 20 2016 at 1:47 am PDT

      Recall that Pelagia and Ivan Telegin were married this summer. The couple got married in Kutuzovsky registry office and celebrated the Grand event in a restaurant on the ruble. Lovers gathered at the event the loved ones: parents, friends, and colleagues in the hockey team of Ivan. “The stars were Lera Kudryavtseva and Igor Makarov, – said the Manager of the restaurant, Andrew. The wedding was intimate. A few tables and the Presidium of the newlyweds was decorated with flowers. Sang only the bride.”

      According to some, Pelagia gave 13 thousand dollars for the entire wedding outfit. The dress was sewn by her individual standards, and was sitting perfectly. Because a woman asked for a month before the celebration, the cost of the ensemble was 20% higher because of the speed of execution of the order.